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I love that the beauty industry supports and allows for free thinking and the creative mind. That passions can be explored and pursued and that there is always new education to pursue.”  Carissa’s love of learning and travel has taken her on incredible journey through beauty.  She is married to her best friend and business partner Tyler. He is a frequent in our salon and the genius behind some of our media/photo work you will see. Together they have a precious little girl Londyn. 


Carissa has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 6 years. Her success speaks for itself in photos of her work. It features everything from color corrections, bridal styling and major extension before and afters. A self proclaimed healthy hair enthusiast, she makes sure each of her clients are experiencing their very best hair. Her specialty is extensions but she is a lover of creative color and appreciates the intricacy of razor cutting. Recently she started a new venture with YouTube and you will be able to see her travel and tutorials there on her channel. She will be focusing on sharing her knowledge and her passion through connecting with you through videos.


We love that Carissa unapologetically chases her dreams. She is passionate about helping others grow and knows the value of mentorship. “The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why – Mark Twain.

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